Ductless Fume Hood Series »MLA-U«

Ductless Fume Hood Series »MLA-U«


For protection of personnel and the environment by safe removal and separation of solvent vapours or aromatics with intensive odours liberated during work.

  • Protection of personnel during work with highly hazardous substances is assured.
  • The requirements for room ventilation are fulfilled.

Operation Principle

Clean filtered air flows smooth vertically with constant velocity through the whole working area and carries all air-borne contamination arising from the work to the air-intake slot at the back edge of the table. Personnel are protected by an internal air current and an even inflow of air through the front opening which prevents the escape of dangerous substances from the working area. All the air is then drawn into the return air duct through the activated charcoal filters by the quietly running radial ventilator and then directed into the distribution chamber. At the top of the recessed viewing panel a part of the clean air current passing through the cabinet is deflected into the room as exhaust air. The amount of exhaust air is equal to the amount of air taken in through the front of the cabinet. The cycle starts again.

  • Air coolers can be mounted on the air intake side.
  • 100% return air, low energy costs and long filter life.
  • This equipment does not interfere with the laboratory air conditioning.


  • The cartridges with activated charcoal have to be changed after 1-2 years of use.

Quality Specification

Decisive for the proper functioning of each adsorption filter unit is the retention time of the air in the activated charcoal and the adsorption capacity of the charcoal. Additional loading from the outside air reduces the time of usage.
The adsorption filter units correspond to:

  • the GMP und PIC guidelines
  • they pass all FDA-inspections.

Optional extras

  • Housing made of stainless steel 1.4404 (V4A)
  • Height of working area (H2) 1.150 mm possible
  • Working surface made of polypropylene possible.
  • Front panel made of Security glass possible.
  • Height of working surface (H3) 950 mm possible
  • Electrical sockets and laboratory taps according to your requirements
  • Also as table-top model