Vertical Laminar Flow Bench
Series »ASW-FU«

Floor-mounted appliance

Vertical Laminar Flow Bench Series »ASW-FU«


Laminar flow clean air current to protect your product from the harmful effects of air-borne contamination from the surroundings and from contamination liberated during the working procedure.
The air quality complies with:

  • ISO 14644-1 Cl. 5
  • the US Federal Standard 209e, Cl. 100
  • GMP recommendations are fulfilled.

Operation Principle

Laminar flow is a smooth unidirectional current of ultra clean filtered air flowing at a constant velocity. This air flows vertically through the whole CLEAN working area and carries away all contamination from the worker or the process. Room air is drawn into the equipment through a pre-filter and pressed by the quietly running radial ventilator through the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter). The cycle starts again.

  • Air coolers can be mounted on the air intake side.
  • This equipment does not interfere with the laboratory air conditioning.

Quality Specification

Important for the proper function of the laminar flow equipment is the permanent and air-tight seating of the HEPA filter. We achieve this by means of an assembly system which is certified by the state authorities for use in nuclear plants.
Our laminar flow equipment complies with:

  • the Standard ISO 14644-1,
  • the GMP und PIC guidelines
  • and passes all FDA-inspections.

Air-tight seating of the HEPA filter is guaranteed.


  • The pre filter has to be changed after 8-14 months of use.
  • The fine filter has to be changed after 8-14 months of use.
  • The HEPA filter has to be changed after 10-15 years of use.